250 lat teatru publicznego w Polsce



November 19, 2015 marks exactly 250 years since the first presentation of Polish professional public theatre. Over the quarter-millennium Polish artists have constantly influenced the course of social processes and the manner of responding to the dramatic historical events. They have stimulated collective imagination and they have attacked communal stereotypes and prejudices. Remaining in close relation with traditions of their own culture they have been inducing artistic revolution in theatre throughout the world.

Contemporary Polish theatre incessantly offers remarkable richness of artistic and ideological activities. Beside the creators who represent critical approach towards social life and strive to increase civic engagement of the audience, there are also artists focusing on the existential problems, artists who deeply penetrate mental and spiritual aspects of life. Apart from traditional dramatic theatre, several dynamic stages have emerged in Poland, offering innovative approach to performance and continuing with avant-garde experiments. In addition to dramatic and traditional theatre, puppet theatre, opera and dance theatre remarkably evolve.

The variety of forms, ideas and images of contemporary Polish theatre presented in this calendar is just a sample of its richness and an invitation to further and deeper recognition. Celebration of 250 years of public theatre in Poland is no more than an overture. 

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